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Have you heard that some of the "Breaking Amish", "Breaking Amish: LA" &

"Breaking The Faith"

cast were not practicing the Amish or FLDS faith as recently as depicted on these shows?

That's just half the story...

Is Breaking the Faith real?

The highly controversial TLC television shows "Breaking Amish", "Breaking Amish: Brave New World", "Breaking Amish: LA" and "Breaking Amish: Secrets Revealed", "Breaking The Faith" and "Escaping The Prophet" have received a firestorm of criticism over allegations some of the cast members have not practiced the Amish faith and FLDS faith and lifestyle as recently as the shows indicate. However, we have learned that not only have the cast not been Amish or FLDS recently, most of them are actually actors. Most of them do not have a verified or confirmed Amish or FLDS background whatsoever!

What has been discovered and revealed from industry insiders to our investigative team (see "About Us" section below) is that the Amish and FLDS "backstory" is a creation of TLC. It was poorly realized and sloppily put together, resulting in some confusion as to when some of the cast had left the Amish lifestyle and fiction about the histories of the FLDS children.

We can confirm that virtually no one featured on the show has any Amish background at all! And in the case of "Breaking The Faith", the FLDS backgrounds and storylines have been highly dramatized, reenacted and even staged. Acting lessons have been a staple of all of these shows as well. TLC simply cannot be trusted when it comes to their "reality" shows.

Is Breaking The Faith real?


TLC Shamefully Promotes Fictional Shows As "Reality"

TLC has produced yet another shameful television show that we intend to methodically expose, one bit of evidence by one bit of evidence.

You may have heard or read heard or read stories that TLC's "Breaking Amish LA" and "Breaking The Faith" is fake. You would be correct in that assumption. What you don't know is that not only is the show fake, it is staged and most of the "Amish" and Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints characters are trained actors! We have the proof!

You are being lied to. You are being fooled. Worse yet, you are being manipulated. A study published by Princeton University discovered that 89% of "industry insiders" admitted nearly all of television, including news, is staged or faked; a majority of them admitted to having directly participated in staging fakes, hoaxes and misleading programming!

What is more shocking is how little this is known, how little it has been exposed and how few lawsuits have been filed as of yet over the lies being proffered on television as "reality".

Breaking the Faith

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This Site Is Under Construction!

We will be adding a tremendous amount of content in the coming days

The future plans of include the following:

- Interviews with crew, producers and staff, including more details that are emerging that show the cast -- Abe, Jeremiah, Kate, Rebecca and Sabrina -- are all paid actors.

- Audio and video interviews we have conducted, with more about the "drunken sex session."

- A full timeline of events, charting the earliest beginnings of the show to the latest news

- All sourced information on the various scandals involving the show

- A comment section for viewers to post their opinions

- New information on the latest TLC forgery, "Breaking Amish: LA", the new California - based season.

- How "Breaking Amish: LA" star Matt Bristol is secretly gay.

- How "Breaking Amish: LA" stars are practicing witchcraft and "having sex with Satan".

- How "Breaking Amish: LA" stars Devon, Matt, Andrew and Samuel have all received acting lessons.

- How Breaking The Faith brought in acting teachers to improve the screen presence of FLDS members.

- The controversy surrounding Jeremiah Stutzman and Jeremia Raber's love child.

- The controversy surrounding whether Breaking The Faith has staged scenes and dramatized story lines.

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is an independent research and investigative media watchdog group dedicated to exposing media figures who lie and mislead the public for their own personal gain. Our investigators in California, Nevada and Arizona, in association with Justin Tribble (Justin Tribble on Google+, Facebook & Mr. Tribble's Blog), are tasked with using public records and legal means to expose fraud.

Justin Tribble is a Christian man of faith dedicated to exposing frauds, fakes and liars who pervert the truth and prey on the weak and vulnerable. He has investigated numerous cases of fraud, exposed hoaxers and liars and has appeared on national television and numerous radio programs. Visit his blog here or add him on Google+ below:

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